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Title: Silent Agreement Author: Emmersonne Part: Eight Rating:… - V Slash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 7th, 2005|10:32 pm]


Title: Silent Agreement
Author: Emmersonne
Part: Eight
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references and Swearing.
Pairing: Jaybourne, Harlingham, Jay/Bourne/Buckingham, and…… Mark/Antony >-<
Disclaimer: Well… the anti Harlingham parts certainly never happened *folds arms*
Dedication: Joey, Sushi and Darla who all make a guest appearance in the chapter.
Summary: Sick of how they’re being treated by their lovers, James and Aaron hatch a plan.
Author‘s note: Based on Sushi’s “Family portrait” photo.

Previous chapters here: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=bustedslash&keyword=Silent+Agreement&filter=all


I watch and wait in a horrible, bleach smelling white relatives room for any news of Aaron. Mark sits as far away from me as possible, pulling nervously at the stray threads on his shirt, shivering.

Matt sits beside me, facing the wall. We’re close enough to feel each other’s body heat but there seems to be metres, miles between us as we sit and wait. A few time I edge my hand towards his, longing for contact of some kind but I always stop short, returning my hand to my lap before Mattie looks around.

I stare across the room, at Mark. His face is pale, almost porcelain, tinged with pink where he’s been rubbing his eyes and cheeks. There are dark circles under his red eyes, aging him by about ten years. I find myself thinking about what I saw an hour ago, what happened when Mark took Aaron in his arms and told him he loved him.

Mark doesn’t love Aaron.

Does he?

My concentration is suddenly broken by a young woman coming through the door, her shoes clacking on the linoleum. She looks about nervously, as if she knows she’s somewhere she shouldn’t be.

“Um.. I’m looking for an Aaron Buckingham, is this the right hospital?”

I see Mark’s hard jerk up at the mention of Aaron’s name. “You’re here to see Aaron?”

The woman blinks a few times in surprise before nodding. I study her carefully, trying to figure out where I’ve seen her before.

Then it clicks.

The car accident, she was driving.

A sudden rage rushes through me and I want her to leave. She doesn’t have any right to be here.

I watch as she lowers herself into the seat next to Mark’s.

“He just ran right out, I didn’t have time to…” she trails off, gesticulating into the air in front of her. Mark puts a hand on her knee and squeezes comfortingly.

“Nobody has time to do anything, it was an accident.”

I feel my stomach twist itself in knots. It wasn’t an accident, Aaron would never have been in the road if it wasn’t for me and Mark.

Oh God this was a stupid, stupid plan. I can’t believe Mattie puts up with me, I was bitching about him smoking and drinking when I’m capable of maybe getting one of our best friends killed so we could play some stupid trick on Mattie and Mark.

I’m so stupid.

I put out my hand again and place it over Mattie’s. I expect him to shrug it off, tell me to get lost. I know I deserve it. He doesn’t though, his threads his fingers through mine and squeezes my hand tightly.

“I love you Jimmy-jay, it’ll all be ok.”


Sorry it took so long, feedback pwease. I have a nasty cold and it’ll make me feel much better </puppy>


From: kana___
2005-02-08 05:40 pm (UTC)
*Post on her too cos she can*

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