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Title: Angel Author: Emmersonne Rating: PG-13 for mentions of… - V Slash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 11th, 2005|01:56 pm]


Title: Angel
Author: Emmersonne
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of violence
Pairing: Mark/Aaron aka Harlingham
Summary : “Of course I have to help him!” Mark exploded, “And before you say it, I’m helping him because he needs me, this has nothing to do with… anything else”
Part : Four
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Dedications: Joey and Sushi for some top notch Harlingham spotting and Holly for being the princess of Harlingham.

x-posted to bustedslash

As he opened his eyes, Mark was met with darkness. He panicked for a few moments before realising that the only reason it was dark was due to the duvet covering his head. Smiling at his own stupidity, he slid the duvet downwards, slowly revealing his surroundings to himself.

A cold breeze from the open window made him shiver suddenly, making him realise he was naked. He caught sight of the shirt he had been wearing on the floor and a rush of memories hit him as he struggled to think where he was.

“Oh God Mark, Oh God… I love you…”

Mark froze. Oh God… Please tell me I didn’t… A soft moan ripped through the silence of the room, startling Mark from his reverie. Slowly he turned his head towards the sound, afraid of what he would see. When his eyes met a flash of blond his worst fears were confirmed. He’d done it, he’d taken advantage of Aaron when he’d needed him the most

Aaron was sleeping soundly, curled into the crook of the brunet’s arm, a smile on his face. Mark’s heart fluttered when he saw his lover’s smile but quickly disabused himself of the notion that it could possibly have been his doing. He sighed softly, just like all those months ago Aaron was utter perfection to him. He ran his fingers lightly over the blonde’s cheek, grimacing as he touched the large bruise which discoloured one side of his angelic face.

“How could anyone ever hurt you?” Mark whispered to his sleeping Angel. “How could I ever hurt you?”

Aaron whimpered in his sleep, rolling over to press his body against Mark’s. The Brunet responded by putting both arms around the blond and squeezing him tightly. As he looked down at the blonde’s face, marvelling at his long eyelashes and soft lips, Aaron began to stir, said eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks as he blearily opened his eyes. He immediately tensed up.

“Get off me.”

Mark blinked, startled and hurt. “Aaron, relax I -”

“Jack’s going to kill me” the blond whimpered, pushing hard on Mark’s chest in an attempt to escape his embrace. “Get away from me, now! I don’t want you anywhere near me, Mark, I told you that.”

Dejected, Mark released the blond from his embrace and watched helplessly as his newly reacquainted lover began hurriedly dressing, running a hand absently through his tousled hair in an attempt to smooth it.

Mark felt anger stir inside him, Aaron wasn’t acting any differently towards him, not even after what had happened.

“Aaron, I’m not leaving until we’ve talked.” he said stubbornly, folding his arms.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Aaron snapped. “Nothing happened, ok? Nothing!”

“YES IT FUCKING DID.” Mark shouted, feeling his whole body shake with anger. Taken aback, Aaron stopped moving.

“I-I’m sorry..” He stammered, looking scared. “Please don’t…”

Seeing his lover tremble in fear twisted Mark’s insides with guilt. He stepped forward and enveloped him in a hug. He expected the blond to pull away but he didn’t, instead, Aaron rested his head gently on his chest as Mark rocked them both back and forth, confused as to what had just happened.

“Aaron?” He asked softly. “Do you still love me?”

Aaron didn’t even need to pause for thought. “I’ve never stopped loving you. I loved you even whilst you broke my heart for you own fun. I loved you even whilst I was with Jack. I loved you even when you made it clear you didn’t love me.”

Mark felt his eyes sting at the final comment but pretended not to have noticed. “What did last night mean to you?”

He braced himself for the reply of “Nothing” that he felt sure was to come.

“I don’t know.”

Mark rubbed Aaron’s back gently as he asked the final question.

“Do you think that we were in love?”

“Yes, I think we were.”

“Are we now?”

Aaron raised his head from Mark’s chest and gazed into his eyes, unsure of the answer.


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[User Picture]From: sparklyfiend
2005-02-11 02:21 pm (UTC)
Fix them, fix them, fix them!

*huggles Harriet*

I wanteth more, missy!
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