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V Slash

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Welcome to V slash

This is a community for slash fiction about the British band V.
You will find on this community fanfictions and pictures suggesting the possibility of eventual relationships between the V boys.

This is of course not to be taken seriously, this is just a site for us to have fun. We dont have a clue if any of those boys are gay/bi, we just think it's fun/enjoyable to think they could be. :D

Rules :
1. All stories must be rated, and under an LJ-cut. Please notes/warnings/ratings should preceed the stories
2. All stories must be slash stories involving at least one member of V
3. Pictures/graphics are very much welcome as long as they are related to V slash.
4. All posts must be V slash related
5. no flaming please.
6. Have fun!

Community moderated by cwmone & lizsimpson
Feel free to contact us if u have any questions, comments.